Friends of the Save-An-Eye

In an effort to further promote the Save-an-Eye Game and the charity it supports, the Erie Lions Club has established the “Friends of the Save-An-Eye” association, for those who are unable to join or participate with the Erie Lions Club itself. The Association is open to any person who wishes to support the game, especially past players, coaches, referees and other supporters of the game.


Upon payment of current dues ($12 annually), such Friends automatically become members of the Erie Lions Club Save-An-Eye Fund, Inc. Association members cannot serve as directors or officers of the corporation, nor vote at the annual meeting, but may serve on committees if asked to do so.


Association membership benefits are as follows:

  • Free ticket to all Save-An-Eye games.
  • Free participation in Association functions such as an annual reunion picnic.
  • Privilege of attending any noon meetings of the Erie Lions Club.
  • Opportunity to become a full member of the Erie Lions Club.
  • Receiving informational updates on charitable services provided by the Save-an-Eye Fund, and other current information.
  • Opportunity to assist in staging our annual game.
  • Privilege of supporting one of Erie’s true charities.

If you would like to join and help us sustain the Save-An-Eye effort, simply purchase your membership by clicking here and a Save-An-Eye representative will be in contact shortly. Questions may be directed to